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Sun Nov 1, 2020, 10:16 PM

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1. Introduction

Bugtracker is the place where all bugs should be reported.
You can enter bugtracker by going to top of website under features and click on Bugtracker
Or you can simply use this link :

When you enter bugtracker, it will look like this [colors and boxes are added for guide only]:

1- Selection for the bug category with options "Website" or "Game Server".
2- Create a report.
3- List of created reports you have submitted.
4- Approved reports from the list you made (confirmed).
5- Submitted reports number
6- Search bar for reports already submitted before.

2. How to use

2.1. Checking current reports
Before creating a report, you should first check if the report exists, you can do that with the help of the tools in the purple box or number 6 in picture above.
In the yellow box ( number 1) can be used for filters to select if the bug in website or game server, please note : search function won’t work correctly if you make spelling mistakes.
If you want to view all the reports you’ve created, you can click on “See all” from the orange box (number 3).

After clicking

2.2. Bug status
You will have noticed there are quite a few status to describe the current state of a reported bug. They are exclusive, a bug can only have one status at a time.
New: Bug existence has not been confirmed by a QA member.
Open: Bug existence has been confirmed by a QA member.
Pending: Bug has attracted developers attention, they are most likely working on a fix for it.
Resolved: Fix should now working on the realms. If the fix is not working correctly, please message QA or make a new report as QA will not review reports already marked r
Duplicate: Bug has already been reported. This report will be ignored.
Invalid: Bug is invalid / incorrect. This report will be ignored.

here's an example of the status with Resolved and Invalid (on right side):

2.3. Reporting a new bug
As mentioned in 2.1, make sure the bug has not already been reported. Duplicated reports create additional work and spread the necessary information around.

To create new report head over the Submit Report link from the blue box (number 1).
Keep in mind that none of the fields allow special characters like "`'%{}, you will have to use alphanumeric characters in your report.

Describe the bug as clearly as possible, but also keep it simple and short as much as it can be.
Also, try to include Steps to Reproduce (how to replicate/how to repeat) the bug and information on How it Should Work always and whenever possible.
Without those two pieces of information the issue can not be fixed.

If you want to post an image, you will have to upload it on imgur first (see 2.4 below).
Alternatively you can leave image/video links in the description.

2.4. How to upload a Bugtracker image
Uploading on imgur is simple:
1. Go to imgur.com
2. Drag your image from your computer folder to imgur page. 
3. Click Start Upload
4. Copy the direct link (email & IM) then you can past it in your report description. 

3. Not sure whether this is a Bug

If you are not sure whether it is a bug or not, it is fine that you ask the forum community first. You should consider checking the Bugtracker first, it might have already been reported and confirmed.
But DO NOT open a thread claiming why a bug is still pending to fix nor to complain about it. It will not fasten its development and you may get infracted as it goes against our rules.

All approved reports (confirmed) in the white box ( number 4 ) the reporter will get automaticly 4 Silver Coin for each report approved.