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01 Nov, 2020

Hello, fellow warcraft fans and players alike here we are going and give some slight insight on what our server is going to be. Before we get started the release date will be 13 November 2020 as first realm WOTLK expansion, and the server currently in closed testing phase. Our goal is to bring to you as close as possible the experience we all had and loved of WOTLK to our server with better graphics and contents from any other. I really hope you enjoy Garona WoW and come to know and love it! In the coming week we will invite a few players to test the game and provide feedback. Those who participate will be awarded 10 gold coin to use on the website for things such as increased bag space, ability to change race, faction, name and more. As a huge thank for helping improving the game..


:large_orange_diamond: XP Rates: 10x :large_orange_diamond: Drop rates: 3x

:large_orange_diamond: Reputation rates: x3

:large_orange_diamond: RAF: Yes

:large_orange_diamond: Language: English

:large_orange_diamond: Patch: 3.3.5a

:large_orange_diamond: Server Type: PvE / PvP