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How to claim your gift !

09 Feb, 2021

Here's a small guide how to get the gift ( 1 free characters).

1- In order to be able to claim this gift you must have at least 8 Silver points in your account which you can have them in 1 minutes from voting (4 votes = 8 points ) vote here .

2- You must create a character In-Game when server launch then use this boost : https://www.garona-wow.com/starter_char to select your spec and class and MUST be same as your created character.

3- You'll receive your items, Gold, Bags in mail In-Game.

4- You can use 1 promo code for free mount, make sure to use the right code for your race Horde / Alliance and you can find these codes here : 
Alliance : MB3LMCP1ZGSM

5- If you want to create DK which normally require level 55, you can simply create level 1 character then you'll be able to create DK and use boost on it ( finishing DK quests zone is required by the player).

Note that this option for DK is only available for players to claim the gift, after that it's back to normal (55 Require).